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Frequently Asked Questions



Why take a mushroom supplement?

Mushrooms are incredibly unique organisms, being neither plants nor animals. Unsurprisingly, they also possess very unique nutrient profiles. Many incredible compounds are still being discovered in mushrooms, and mushrooms’ potential as superfood continue to be realized. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest mushroom supplements can improve the immune system, improve memory and cognition, strength, endurance, help regulate blood sugar and blood glucose, "detoxify", help fight cancer, and more.


Can I give Sacred 7 to my dog?

Absolutely! Mushrooms aren't only good for people. New research is showing that dogs can greatly benefit from mushroom supplements in some of the same ways people can. Man's best friend deserves a boost too! Just be sure to double check with your veterinarian first.


Original Sacred 7 smells and tastes like chocolate. Are you sure there's no cocoa powder in it? 

There is no cocoa powder or any other ingredients in Sacred 7. It is 100% mushrooms.

The seven mushrooms in combination naturally have a very rich smell (often described as “chocolately”). Lion’s Mane mushroom is the biggest culprit, and has a strong, malty "chocolate" aroma by itself. Shiitake also smells sweet.

We agree the smell is uncanny, but it's not from cocoa powder - it's the mushrooms themselves. They're extremely high-quality whole mushrooms, and they simply have a rich, sweet smell. Our products are produced in a tightly-regulated facility with stringent quality control standards. The facility tests the product multiple times, and they will not allow anything to be in the product which is not on the label. Given our facility’s oversight, not to mention our own integrity, it simply isn’t possible for us to add ingredients we don’t disclose.

To clarify a final time, Original Sacred 7 is made from 100% whole mushrooms. It does NOT contain any cocoa powder whatsoever.


What extraction ratios and processes are used in your products?

In Sacred 7, our mushrooms undergo what’s called a 1:1 hot water extraction.

We also use 8:1 extracts of Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Maitake in select products.

The water used is purified with an ultra-filtration system. Our tinctures utilize a dual extraction process of hot water and alcohol. Their menstruum ratio is 1:5.

These processes ensure that the active constituents in the mushrooms become bioavailable. The resulting extracts are much higher in compounds like beta-glucans, triterpenes, and other powerful mycocompounds. 


Why don't your products list the percentage of beta-glucans?

Our individual mushrooms are tested for beta-glucans by our grower, and they do test at over 20%. However, when we blend them together and package them we are required to perform an additional beta-glucans test. Since we don't perform this additional test, we cannot state the beta-glucan content on the packaging if we want to remain FDA-compliant.

Beta-glucan testing is expensive, and performing a second test as a formality after blending the mushrooms can feel a bit silly since the mushrooms have already been tested for beta-glucans and we know they are over 20%. For this reason we chose not to perform the second test and to not state beta-glucan content on our packaging. In the future we will try to budget for the second test in order to be able to legally state the beta-glucan content of our mushrooms on the labels. For us it's important to respect and comply with FDA guidelines. 


Are your Cordyceps grown on insects?

It is true that Cordyceps often do grow out of dead insects in the wild! Our process actually seeks to mimic nature in that our cordyceps militaris is grown on a mix which includes 30% organic silkworm protein powder. This ensures that they receive the same nutrients they would in the wild and become happier, more potent mushrooms. 


Have any other questions?

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