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What is Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps is one of the most fabled medicinal mushrooms, and its history of use is colorful. There are old tales of Tibetan herders who noticed their livestock were stronger, more exuberant, and more reproductively sound during the time of year when they grazed on cordyceps. These native Tibetans began using it for themselves and noticed similar effects. They would put it in hot milk or water to create a tonic. Cordyceps stromas (the body of the mushroom) were even given as gifts by Tibetans. The native folk healers used cordyceps for the treatment of a total of 21 different ailments. This is a great reference about the traditional use of cordyceps. The 21 traditional uses for cordyceps sinensis.  © Journal of...

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What Are Adaptogens? 5 Benefits of Rhodiola, The Golden Adaptogen

Mired in Myth Rhodiola rosea is quite literally legendary. It was used by the ancient Greeks and the mythological Argonauts - rhodiola was probably Hercules’ supplement of choice. The vikings, the Mongols, and Chinese emperors are all rumored to have derived great power from rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola has a pleasant aroma and a striking yellow flower. It’s an herb that grows in extremely harsh conditions - on the edges of cliffs just below the snow line. Just like we see in other holistic herbs like cordyceps, the ability to withstand such radical environments often correlates with the presence of a wealth of powerful compounds contained in the herb.  The Original "Adaptogen" Rhodiola rosea got its name in 1725 from the famous...

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