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Lion's Mane is More Than Just A Nootropic

Lion's Mane receives all of its enormous hype exclusively for being a nootropic and a brain health supplement, but science is showing it may be able to confer health benefits which extend beyond the brain.

The science is piling up that Lion's Mane is gastro-protective. In other words, it may be great for gut health!

A 2019 study found that a Lion's Mane extract inhibited the growth of H. pylori (the bacteria known for causing stomach ulcers):

A 2018 study found found a polysaccharide in Lion's Mane to have gastroprotective activity as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties:

A 2016 study found a Lion's Mane extract got rid of ulcerative colitis in mice by suppressing inflammation:

These studies all say the same or similar things: 

As an aside, do you notice anything about the names of the researchers in every single one of these studies? They're all Chinese. We still notice a lot of China-phobic people who don't understand its rich history of innovative medicinal mushroom use. They're the ones doing all the best mushroom-related research in the world. Their pride, ownership, and absolute expertise in cultivating the best mushrooms in the world is the foundation that all this great emerging research is built upon.

Getting back on track, an emerging theme is health science is the interconnection of the brain and gut. All kinds of psychological and neurological issues like depression and even neurodegenerative diseases are being linked to the gut microbiome.

Brain fog? That could be because you have a bacterial overgrowth. That bacteria is producing lactic acid which is creating inflammation and potentially causing disease, in addition to making it harder to think clearly.

Your gut is packed with neural tissue. It's how your stomach and your brain communicate to tell your stomach to secrete its acids to help you digest your food; or how hormones like leptin and ghrelin are sent between your brain and other tissues to regulate your appetite.

Gut health is absolutely critical to brain health. If one has issues, they probably both do. And conversely, if health is promoted in one, health is probably also promoted in the other; they are that interrelated. It's not a coincidence that Lion's Mane may have profound benefits on the health of both your brain and stomach.