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Lion's Mane is More Than Just A Nootropic

Lion's Mane receives all of its enormous hype exclusively for being a nootropic and a brain health supplement, but science is showing it may be able to confer health benefits which extend beyond the brain. The science is piling up that Lion's Mane is gastro-protective. In other words, it may be great for gut health! A 2019 study found that a Lion's Mane extract inhibited the growth of H. pylori (the bacteria known for causing stomach ulcers): A 2018 study found found a polysaccharide in Lion's Mane to have gastroprotective activity as well as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties: A 2016 study found a Lion's Mane extract got rid of ulcerative colitis in mice by suppressing inflammation: These studies all say...

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A Serendipitous Mushroom Moment

I ate tuna two days in a row, yesterday and today. I try not to eat fish too frequently, per general guidelines recommending against overconsumption because of concerns about metals such as mercury. Metals can accumulate in the tissues of fish (especially larger fish like tuna) and then accumulate in your body after you eat the fish. So earlier today I’m eating tuna for the second day in a row and worrying to myself about toxic metals weighing me down when I have this fleeting thought of “Oh well. It’s okay. There’s probably some special compound in all the mushrooms I take that will help my body deal with the metal buildup anyway”. It was a lighthearted, half-serious thought, and I...

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Is Supplementing with Probiotics Bad for You?

There has been a lot of buzz about gut health recently. The health of your intestines is undoubtedly important - they make up an incredibly complex system that communicates with your brain, giving and receiving feedback, creating hormonal responses, and more. Gut health also has all kinds of correlations with disease. "Disease starts in the gut" is a phrase which is reverberating through the medical community. As more science commentary and public discourse begin to highlight these concepts, more people are trying to somehow take advantage of this information to improve their own health. This leads to using probiotic supplements. But it's possible that supplemental probiotic use isn't good for you, as found recently in a journal called Clinical and...

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What is Lion’s Mane Mushroom?

  Lion’s Mane - A Super-functional Medicinal Mushroom Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceum) is an incredible mushroom which is as delicious as it is medicinal. It has traditionally been consumed as both a food and a medicine in East Asia. Now it’s finally getting recognition as a powerful functional food in the West. An absolute wealth of bioactive compounds have been identified in it including polysaccharides, erinacines, hericerins, hericenones, resorcinols, mono and diterpenes, and aroma compounds. Lion’s Mane is most commonly touted as a brain health mushroom, a sort of nootropic neuro-supercharger. While this may be true, we wanted to briefly explore what other health benefits the research suggests this mushroom may have. Lion’s Mane and Bone Health This 2017 study...

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